Music Based Instagrams


Do ya’ll know any good music focused Instagrams that are worth following?


Like places that post new songs?


Yesss!!! You should check out No Disk, based out of Berlin. They have a pretty cool format, theyre like essentially and instagram label… they release videos for music which is often exclusive for the instagram, in short runs. My friend Ullas got a really cool track on it and when I was like “wheres that DL” she was like “Instragram-Exclusive” hahaha
It’s an interesting idea for sure


Wow that’s crazy. I meant looking for more blog-type ones where they post an album cover of like a recent purchase, something they found digging, or just cool records.


The only one I know of is this one



here you go @headlessghost


cheers, thanks a bunch


Clicked on a random record from their page and it was dope as fuck. Followed. Phonica records posts bunch of nice stuff now and then too.


I’ve just started doing this:

I’m going through my vinyl collection, one or two per day, and posting in the order that they’re filed on the shelf, which is very broadly by genre. At the moment I’m on the Indian Classical stuff, but eventually there’ll be all sorts of other things - electronic, dub, experimental, jazz, you name it.

Why am I doing this? I don’t really know.