Movies recently watched


slight departure from ‘what are you watching?’ thread, this is specifically about movie talk. try to elaborate on what you watched

finally got around to seeing midsommar. what really stood out to me was how well crafted this film was. i previously read in an interview with Ari Aster that he shot the thing really quickly… yet the film feels grand and meticulous. really impressed.

will have to check the directors cut down the line. as far as i’m concerned this stands head to head with The Witch as the best two horror movies of recent (still need to see The Lighthouse).


Watched the first half of Clouds of Sils Maria. So far so good. I like but it feels too much like watching over privileged white people dealing with mishaps. I used to enjoy these movies much more. Will see how the second half fairs.

My two recent favorites are Paterson and Columbus. Very similar meditative films. If you have any recommendations for similar movies please shoot.

I also really want to see the Lighthouse.

Ad Astra is in theaters, and I think the Joker is still showing. Want to check those too.


yet to see Columbus but i love Paterson. aside from recommending Jarmusch’s other films i’d say give At Eternity’s Gate a go. meditative, stylised and a great performance from Willem Dafoe. and Birds of Passage is truly something special; fits nicely into the contemplative cinema category.

Ad Astra is great although it’s divisive. probably a bit too arthouse-y and plot-loose for the average moviegoer. it’s my fav of the year next to Midsommar.

finally got around to American Honey last night. so good, i think Andrea Arnold may be the best contemporary woman director. the creativity on display and the direction; even before thinking about the themes is a lot to take in. a bit similar to The Florida Project which is also another favourite of mine.


Yeah, I’m no stranger to Jarmusch’s work.

I will definitely check Birds of Passage and At Eternity’s Gate.

How you describe Ad Astra is really making me want to see it. I was worried it would be too hollywood for my taste.

Also love American Honey. Such an amazing film. I