most you've ever paid for an event


I think $50 to see Kenny Dope in Tokyo for me


$25 to see mega64 play their first ever live comedy show in dtla. i would have payed $100 and it would have still been worth it

(note: i have been to 3 music concerts in my life and only one i have paid tix for)


$50 to see danny tenaglia at Output in NYC. I went without buying a ticket in advance and showed up around 3am. Dude at the door was like enunciating it to make sure I heard it over the music… “FIFTY… FIVE ZERO…” I don’t think he expected me to pay but I was pretty buzzed.

I don’t think anything’s worth $50, but when Danny came on he started playing and loop for 5 mins and eventually hopped on the Mic and said “good morning new york city” like he literally owned the place. it was badass honestly. anthony parasole, who had just finished opening, started laughing and clapping like crazy because it was such a don move. the whole scene kinda made my night.