Mixcloud Live: streaming where people might actually get paid?



Mixcloud Live has been out for a bit. It is notable because they are using Content ID to pay out to artists whose tunes are being played. As far as I know, the only streaming platform that is attempting to do this.

Has anyone used this as a streamer? Anyone have any thoughts from a viewer’s perspective?


Haven’t used mixcloud live personally, and haven’t watched any streams on their platform. Seems like streams are still mostly concentrated on Mixcloud/YT.


yeah I haven’t seen too much use of it; mostly Twitch or YT. i hope that changes a little bit.

the detroit festival Charivari used Mixcloud Live for their entire livestreamed festival (no alternative platforms) and it seemed to work great, at least as a viewer.


Really great interview with Mat Dryhurst and Holly Herndon with Nico Perez, CEO of mixcloud on the latest interdependence podcast. Really dives into their model of fingerprinting music and how they are trying do do something equitable for artists, not just DJ’s.




just noticed The Lot Radio quietly started sending their stream to Mixcloud Live… has to be one of the bigger internet radio stations using it atm?