Mixcloud 10 mix upload limit for basic users



‍From December 1st, we’re introducing a maximum allowance of 10 published shows for creators on the basic tier.

I have a lot of respect for what mixcloud is trying to do – be fair to everyone, especially artists, and try and play ball with the major labels and distributors. But hot damn this platform is getting stilted beyond usability.

If someone sends me a mixcloud link I basically don’t listen. lots of my mixes are up there but i’m being honest as a listener that’s just the reality. it’s just too likely that I will hear a song i like and literally not be able to skip back to it to ID it. Can you imagine youtube if you were only able to scrub 3 times per video?? forget it.

and then to add this restriction and tax your only people that actually are rooting for you – the creators – it just seems hard to see how this will ever pan out for them.


Yeah I have always uploaded there but the whole point is to have an archive. I’m not going to spend £100 a year to be able to maintain an archive that doesn’t get many listens and where the listening experience is gradually getting worse.

A lot of these platform companies seem to be on borrowed time - they run at a loss for years, with the aim to eventually become monopolies and jack up prices. I don’t see it working for Mixcloud as they aren’t really a monopoly.

I dunno where else to go. SoundCloud might be more affordable, but I haven’t checked. Might make an attempt to upload to YouTube but would probably get loads of takedowns. Might just pack it in altogether and just mix for myself which would be a shame for me.


I did talk to a guy a few months ago about a new service they are thinking of developing but whether it’ll ever come to anything I’m not sure. Also it’s streaming focused rather than archive focused as far as I can see.

But it did sound interesting - a bit more focused on the audience and crowd than the dj which I think could be interesting, but probably plays more to the strengths of big name ppl who could draw a crowd.



What about a website? Host all your mixes and create an archive. You can get a domain and server space for very cheap these days. Post your limit on the platforms and link people to the main course :slight_smile:


I thought about this more today and it’s like their business model is this:

  • As a listener, your experience is going to suck (no scrubbing backwards, 5 scrubs forwards, etc) unless you fork over $5
  • As a creator/uploader, your experience is going to suck (10 mix upload limit) unless you fork over $5

its just like :flushed::flushed::flushed: the whole experience sucks for all parties unless you pay. how is anyone going to visit this website and get a good first impression? they’re taxing both ends. at least make it suck less for one of the two parties.

@str_apx i think you’re right that all of these companies never made any financial sense and they’re coming to a logical end. we’re just reaching the end of that era where these early 2010s companies started dumping petabytes of music onto Amazon S3 with no real plan of how to make it viable or usable (Soundcloud included). It never made any financial sense but for 10 years we had a nice run while they slowly ran out of cash.


And also, I should say that I realize that this part of the experience is due to arcane and ass-backwards requirements imposed by music distributors/major labels/licensing laws and it’s not Mixcloud’s fault. It’s some kind of logic where skipping backwards equals “on-demand streaming” equals free streaming which is frankly absurd and no human being is going to pirate music that way.

But nonetheless, even if it’s not Mixcloud’s choice and is their concessions to music distribution and laws, that is the experience that you are faced with as a mixcloud user and so when you take an overall look at the site it’s pretty grim


+1! I think this is really the only way you can have proper control over your archive. There is a slight time and skills investment, but imo the skills are transferable and the time is well spent :slightly_smiling_face: You can also run your own server off a recycled laptop, if that works out being cheaper than paying for server space lol


I can barely be fucked to upload to Mixcloud these days lol. And I just feel like they will get zero engagement. Most of my promo is posting here, on Twitter (where almost all of my followers will be political ppl uninterested in music, and posts probably won’t get seen), Instagram (where I have almost no followers and posts probably won’t get seen). It seems like a lot of work. But then again… I would be sad to have it all go.

And I guess it would be fun and useful to learn how to make a website? But ideally I’d just get a kind of easy, free solution where I might get a few random algorithm-listens.

Quite a few of the ppl on the mixes thread seem to upload to YouTube so I might try that.


Yeah it is quite mad, the platform company economics. I don’t know much about it but whenever I see any articles about it it’s always quite pessimistic.

I’m seeing a lot of ppl on Twitter atm saying it’s going to die bc of Musk taking over (I’m a bit sceptical of this) and someone was commenting basically that there was never any prospect of it being profitable and the prior owners have wanted shot of it for years. I’m always seeing stuff about these huge companies that have become omnipresent like Uber or Deliveroo, and that they’re haemorrhaging money or can’t turn a profit. But it all just carries on. It’s surreal.

Facebook / Meta seems to have a death wish at the moment, but maybe they just have so much money they can’t die? Apparently they have also caused a load of havoc bc lots of media orgs pivoted to video based on what turned out to be hugely inflated play counts on fb video. And a similar thing has happened with online ads, revenue is much less now bc previously the impact and reach was very overstated. So the ads are cheaper to buy now and so media companies that rely on online ads are taking a big hit. All the Metaverse stuff looks hilariously terrible as well. But maybe they’ll make a success of that.

I think it’s interesting bc ppl do really struggle to predict what’s going to work in the future, and I feel like it’s sort of like natural selection. For every successful adaptation there’s a million maladaptive mutations that just sink without trace. And the ideology of the age is that Zuckerberg and Musk etc are big idea men with great vision and strategic nous. But maybe they’re just as blind as the total randomness of genetic mutations and they just got lucky with an idea at the right time.

I really like this show called Halt & Catch Fire that’s about tech ppl in the 80s and 90s and it is just about constant march of progress and they are all involved in a load of failed enterprises. It doesn’t really feel like that atm bc the platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify etc are so huge and omnipresent, and there’s been what feels like quite a long period of stability (even though 10-15 years is quite short in the long view). But maybe we’re on the cusp of another big shift like you suggest? It would be interesting to see what comes next if we are.

Incidentally no one watched the H&CF show and it didn’t get a full dvd / bluray release. It’s been taken off streaming services so now if you want to watch it you have to buy it from Amazon or YouTube and it’s like £20 per season for 4 seasons! They’ll push ppl back to piracy with stuff like that.

In fact maybe that’s what I should do. Go back to the prelapsarian utopia of torrenting.

Sorry that this post has so little relevance to the actual Mixcloud issue, but it is something that interests me even though I don’t really know what I’m talking about.