Marie Davidson // Working Class Woman (Ninja Tune)


What do you guys think of the new Marie Davidson album? I was really hyped by the singles and the first listen of the album didn’t disappoint me. It sounds pretty solid to me and I like how she managed to give a certain character to her music and create atmospheres. The spoken word component is essential.


Can’t wait to listen to this! She rules.


absolute stonker of an album. loads of fun while being quite serious but also tongue in cheek


was fairly convinced I’d hate this album (pretty girl co-opts established form) but she’s got a real star quality allure that transforms a genre largely built around detachment into an intimate exchange between artist and listener. I love how the voice is both controlled and conversational and vacillates between direct and indirect modes that kind of makes you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a private monologue.


a lot seems to be made of the so-called “humor” in her lyrics. I don’t see it, personally. it feels very punk, which I guess could be described as an absence of decorum, which is really just a sincere attempt at arriving at honesty, which in itself might expose a sort of underlying absurdity, but whatever.


What established form do you feel is she co-opting?

Also first post. hi.


er, techno, I suppose.

not proud that I have idiotic biases. only saying that I just often have to check my skepticism when I see a lot of press around pretty people. just want to clarify that this album will probably make my top 5 this year. not saying pretty people aren’t allowed to be creative but I will say that, in general, I have not taken well to the fact that the underground scene, borne of anonymity and once cloaked in mystery, has been co-opted as a whole in recent years by lifestyle/fashion posturing.


I was just curious what scene you saw her aligned with as one of the things I find interesting about her is that she seems to pull elements from a bunch of scenes. Like it’s a little retro techno, ebm, punk, spoken word.

I’ve assumed that pretty artist are more a side effect of internet culture everyone feeling you need to twitter, instagram, and youtube to be an artist. There’s always been hot techno people you just didn’t know because white labels.

That and I was strongly resisting an “all culture is appropriated” rant.