Man, streaming is great but it also sucks


w/ Apple Music here and i’m not sure about Spotify but some label’s just fuck around with what they license out. especially Houndstooth. Special Request’s first album was on there and now it’s gone; my beloved remixes from Anthony Naples and Lee Gamble on there just up and vanished. The Fabric/Houndstooth guy Sean Booth or whatever his name was used to hang in the RA comments but now with them nixxed how do i reach and tell him to stop causing me grave unhappiness. stop dangling carrots, you forced my hand in buying the first Aisha Devi album since it’s not on there

anyone feel any frustration with the streaming model? ways it could improve? or am i being entitled here? thoughts pls


good strategy to sell records? :thinking:


@kid_kozmoe come on nobody gives a shit about this except music nerds like on this forum (or even just me). just put it on there or don’t. houndstooth putting select things all over the place in their catalogue on there and in time removing/adding is energy spent to no ends. bandcamp tells you the exact numbers of each record purchased and it isn’t pretty.


sorry, i’m just teasing …of course you’re right. i just use bandcamp, youtube and soundcloud because of laziness!

maybe it’s just a decision not to support their business-model that doesn’t help small artists and labels that much?


interesting, if it’s laziness i’d have thought Apple Music or Spotify would suit that more :stuck_out_tongue:

i mean yeah, this thread was in jest. it is a small issue in the scope of how beneficial streaming is to the avr joe and hardcore consumer alike… and it’s a single label that i’ve pointed out. BUT the inner raging nerd must speak out, that’s what this/a forum is about; the expression and honing right the fuck in on the stupid shit everyone else gives no fecks about. in hindsight though, the original post kinda sucks now that i’m somewhat sober. life eh? sean, u an ok fella.


U could message dude directly on RAs messaging inbox thing, it’s crude but functional

I think labels like these toss crumbs onto streaming services in the hopes that nerds like us becoming aware of these choons follow them to bandcamp…


Yes! There is no way to improve this. The control is up to the labels leaving us users helpless. Only solution is to pirate or rip.


Or u could buy the music


nah, i don’t like apple at all and spotify kinda sucks too much. don’t want to pay money to both companies.


@bths80 i agree with you. as a consumer, you made the choice to adopt streaming (it was a hard decision for some, myself included) and you should feel entitled to feeling like labels and artists should meet you in the middle. go where your listeners are. we were sold on the idea that this model was the future, not a model that allows and encourages labels to pull releases on a whim, dangle carrots, or otherwise use these platforms as bargaining chips to increase transactions on physical sales. either do it or don’t and quit fucking around with your fanbase.


Streaming is hugely frustrating, you’re basically renting what with albums or downloads you permanently owned. Catalogues tend to be spotty, your listening experience is subject to the vagaries of whatever company you’re using as they fiddle with the layout and take away features and music disappears and reappears all the time. Most streaming services are like an unholy marriage of the worst of both the commercial records business and illegal filesharing: the artists still don’t make any money but the user is being barraged with ads and major streaming services develop a huge monopoly. Also copyright being king is the antithesis of artistic development, art has always involved homage, remix and even blatant rip-offs. Also also because spotify’s business model is so bad they’ve started flogging huge amount of their users’ data to facebook. Okay, rant over but streaming has big problems even as it allows us to access incredible music with ease.


My Youtube music playlists from 2010-13ish are now a giant sea of copyright takedowns, deleted videos/profiles, etc, A couple years back looking over those and realizing I now have lost half of the music (even just the names) that I liked during that was a pretty serious wake up call and reminder of why it is important to own shit that you like. downloads, CD’s, records, whatever floats your boat – just “possess” it somehow.

I love Spotify and use it hours every day, but I have no illusions about the platform’s commitment to keeping the music I like available.

Buying stuff isn’t just a “support the artists” thing at this point, it’s about claiming shit that means something so it doesn’t get lost.