Mala // DMZ digital re-issues (I&I)


in case u been living under a rock. quite insane to hear these in a crisp digital file and not over youtube.

first couple are out, and more to come


“in case u been living under a rock” the world bigger than london bro wtf lmao

good tracks tho


another one this week:

lmao! :rofl::rofl: you’re not wrong. but I just meant that this was very widely reported and all over the socials already, might be old news to some.


All good, I pretty much do live under a rock so this is great news to me :sweat_smile:


Been waiting for this for a long time. Have some of the vinyl but have wanted the really early stuff for a while, and the vinyl is usually quite crackly and poppy. Got the Loefah Root / Goat Stare stuff which I’d been waiting for for a long time.