Making a Forum for Underground Community


Hey @555-5555 I’m looking to drop a forum like this one on the website we have for for our lil underground event production community. We have a pretty active fb group but feeling worse and worse about fb every passing day. Any advice? This is the most functional forum I’ve ever used, and if this is a plug and play solution I’d love to implement it on our site.



Hello there, sorry if this is out of place to post on his specific forum and is no longer something you’re working on, but I have found forums to be great for sharing anything and everything.

I created one with a simple (and affordable) forum creating software and it seems to look great and I love the end result, yet the most difficult part is accruing viewers and members, which makes me feel ashamed for not participating here more often as I like. I don’t have any advice to really offer, just perhaps how hard it is to gain and maintain members, so I’m in awe that they are still a thing with the advent of social media.

Despite that, it seems like any niche or specialized topics can either take off or flop, and there is no knowing which way it will go. The best thing I can say is to try things out and build up content that could be searchable and is relevant, but if you already have a small community, a forum would still be a good thing to have even for internet diversity. Just something in the world to counter the few big social media sites is what the internet may need. With that said, best of luck and I hope it has or will turn out well for you and your community!


Hi! Which software did you end up going with? I’m circling back to this idea given my mounting frustrations with centralized platforms.

Yes, accruing active is for sure the toughest bit.


Whoa, terribly sorry to get back to you so, so late.

I went with a cheap and accessible host called website toolbox. I don’t have any activity there so far, so I don’t know it’s full functional capacities, but it gets the job of having a space open and a medium for perspectives to be had nonetheless.