Machine Girl // The Ugly Art (Kitty On Fire Records)


This fucker slipped by us! Cursed unannounced releases; this thing came out on the 12th of October. And holy shit it’s incredible. If you’re not aware or have only heard of Machine Girl from when WLFGRL came out, last year they surprised us with the release of stunning “…BECAUSE I’M YOUNG ARROGANT AND HATE EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR”, which was this sort of Atari Teenage Riot spiritual successor but with even more teen angst applied to it. The strong vocals and maximalist production made it one of the best albums of last year, and now they’re back with a follow up.

The Ugly Art changes things up by adding in live drums and having a much cleaner but just as chaotic and maximalist sound. And good fucking lord it kicks so much ass. This is genuinely one of the best albums of the year for me, it is banger after banger and is incredibly cathartic to listen to. Recommended tracks: Status, Necro Culture Vulture, Psycho Signal Jammer

Also ICYMI: they put out an expanded version of WLFGRL and a sweet mixtape of unreleased material late last year and earlier this year respectively.


yeah. heavy like. bought the mixtape a couple weekends ago so i need to check this release for sure.


Holy FUCK.

This is so rad, WLFGRL is literally one of the best albums of this decade. Can’t wait to hear this one.


Just a fair warning, this is nothing like WLFGRL, except for a couple of similarities in its style. WLFGRL was the calm before the storm compared to this beast.

Definitely don’t sleep on “BECAUSE I’M YOUNG ARROGANT” if you enjoy this by the way. It’s just as good.


ok yeah, I think I spoke too soon :frowning: this really isn’t doing it for me. I love the ravey junglist nostalgia of the mixtape…sounds like from the clips WLFGRL will be more of the same vibe :smile_cat:

this might be a little much for my sensitive, fragile ears lol


am a big fan of the angry teen angst style vocals so that combined with the sound is so so good for me haha

i think if you had to hear at least one track from this, make it ‘status’


I actually did listen to that one, was a little disappointed. Preferred WLFGRL for the same reasons as @criminiminal, “ravey junglist” vibe combined with anime samples is absolutely my shit. Less enthusiastic about the screaming.


Yeah, this is all fair tbh. It’s very much going for a specific sound and style and if neither of them are your thing then you’re probably gonna have a hard time with this album. I just wanted to share it cos I think its bloody phenomenal personally :grin:


I’m just happy that there are artists out there not content in being pigeonholed. sometimes you just exhaust a style or sound and need to move on. like, I can’t even fathom how a producer could just resolve himself to make dub techno records for thirty years or whatever.


tbh id say give these albums some time and youll grow to appreciate them. going into them because you loved wlfgrl is not the best plan becwuse of how they are from it (because im young arrogant… shares some similarities but not by much. sad claps is the most wlfgrl song tbh)

its like how i couldnt really get with death grips bottomless pit or bjorks vulnicura because both of those are fairly different from what im used to from both artists. a year after they came out i tried them again and now theyre two of my faces from the artists haha


Machine Girl playing my city tonight.

going bowing with a date instead.

hope I made the right choice.


wrong choice friendo


yea ive heard the live shows are somethin else but tbh if ain’t into this stuff yet you probs wont do well with the live show

hope you had a good time with your date tho!!