looking for submissions [rinse fm show]


hi all, i’m 5 shows into my recently awarded rinse fm residency and wanted to put a post in here for producers / djs to reach out to me to send their tracks and mixes as of course am always looking to support new producers via playing their stuff on the shows (and #2 looking to fill up my 2020 rinse schedule with new guests!)

as per womxn / lgbtq+ and non–binary producers are prioritised! i’d really appreciate it if anyone reading could help put the word out via sharing and or tagging their friends / relevant people etc.

below are a link to the shows thus far below, please check them out and if you think you’ve got some stuff that suits the vibe of the shows - it’s dedicated to ‘the weirder and more experimental sides of dance music’ subjective / buzzword-y term i know, but if you listen i think you’ll understand what i’m trying to do :slight_smile:

please get in touch via email if ok, i will try to check this post as much as poss but i’ve put this post out on various facebook groups, twitter and instagram so just trying to make sure nothing gets missed!


thanks all, really appreciated

and of course any IDs needed for any of my segments or anyone you’d like me to check out to get on the show just comment / email and i’ll get back to you!