Looking for a graphic designer £££


Need someone to work closely on my next release

Message if you’re interested - :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:


Hello, not sure what you are looking for but here:


I’d be up for it! Curious what you’re looking for exactly but I could send you samples of stuff I’ve worked on.


Would love to get involved :hearts::hearts::hearts:

email me on misbah@misdigest.co.uk if ya wanna chat


def recommend






check out my IG stuff

do all the bits for New Scenery + recent poster for Watch The Ride :))))


hi heres a link to my portfolio - https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdujd0k9jzchya3/RYAN%20HUFF%202018%20PORTFOLIO%20V4.pdf

+++ some more on my insta; https://instagram.com/djsagepay


If you haven’t found something yet, take a look


Check out my Instagram for music orientated and experimental work:

Mostly corporate stuff here:

Get in touch :slight_smile:


Hey man, I’d love to work with you on a project, I really fuck wirh your music.
Here’s my insta: https://www.instagram.com/finbar_marcel


Hey! This forum is a little confusing, can’t find a way to send a message, so i will post here.
If you haven’t chosen anyone yet, here is something from me:

More can be found here - http://glociks.tumblr.com/




I could help out if u want


I’m a total amateur pissing about & experimenting, I have no professional skill. But I did do some ‘covers’ for mixes i’ve done & profile pictures for web. Fairly basic process with cheap software (Affinity Designer - it’s great!). Here’s a few examples:


What kinda vibes you after man?


:raised_hand: https://www.instagram.com/henyenvy/ :sweat_smile:

My art is kinda collagey, I steal other peoples art and mash it all together and sometimes add my own shapes n stuff.


Hit me up. My insta is @finbar_marcel.


make the JPG, bang out the quciktimes