London superclub bubble?


With the announcement of ‘Exhibition’; that makes three London superclubs being announced in the past few months (the others being ‘Magazine’ and ‘Dock X’). We all know what’s happened to the go to comment section for moaning about the state of London’s nightlife, so I’m curious about the thoughts of people on here on what this means for the city.

Personally, although the announcement of any new venue in London is something that I instinctively want to celebrate, I can’t help but feel this might be a bad sign. I’m not sure how all these superclubs can be sustainable without cannibalising at least a fair number of the small and medium sized venues that are left.


not sure, there used to be a million times more 20 years ago so i reckon it’s still a long way off! And probs good for musical diversity… how many techn house venues can there be?


I don’t live in London but it’s a bit sad to see the stratification of the scene that seems to be happening. You have these massive venues that not everyone can afford (or want) to attend shows at, meanwhile much of the youth is hosting illegal warehouse raves and running from the police. It’s like a mirror of the economy. Hopefully some good, creative things will come out of the low end of the scene but it’s still unfortunate that this is happening in one of the world’s nightlife capitals.


dig up ur old gatecrasher and global underground cds, cuz the rise of the london superclub is here again, for better or worse.

i was gonna say “is prog house coming back too now?” but it already did like 5 years ago with “the innervision sound” and i forgot how much we became fucking annoyed with how monophonic and undiverse and gentrified that is eventually :frowning_face:


There’s a relatively new little club in Homerton called The Glove That Fits putting on great stuff. I think they’ve had issues trying to get a late license but they’re putting on fresh, interesting line ups and giving me hope for the area after much of it’s become a bland ‘nightlife destination’.


So for me one potential downside to these super clubs is a rumor of a contractual clause that often prohibits a Dj booked at one of them from playing another venue in London that night/weekend. Now I read about this on an RA comment so no idea if it actually is true but seems like a corporate industry typed thing to do that would spell death to the secret after hours good times a surprise big name could create at another smaller club ie trickle down vibes.

Other than that I think they’re a pretty accurate representation of where the scene is now - mainstream as fuck, but presenting itself as underground on social media. DIY aesthetics with corporate shill ethics. But hey I’m just a dancer, not an artist or promoter. I follow the energy…and hopefully create it with my body.


I didn’t realise so many had been announced so recently.

“Venue Lab” seem to own all of them-
Dock X
and the Drumsheds where Field Day is going to be held this year

Yeah there were superclubs in the past in London - were they all owned by the same people?