Logos // Imperial Flood (Different Circles)


get ready y’all


Very looking forward to this one!


Waiting :smiling_imp: I wonder whos on features


Mumdance by the looks


I remember when this was hinted at in 2017. I think it was a Mumdance interview on Truancy and he said that Logos was almost done finishing his album and it was supposed to be a very spiritual successor to Cold Mission - Cold Mission 2.0 as nuanced as it sounds. Looking forward to this one.


fuckin A

I truly loved his debut – a singular work in the last decade.


Looking forward to this LP. The opening track sounds nice :ok_hand:t5:


two words. ZONED. IN.


zoned in to zoned in


Been really liking this. Almost feels like an alternate soundtrack to Annihilation (I mean, one of the tracks is literally “Lighthouse Dub”) – a kinda brooding, sci-fi soundscape.


a little heavy handed on the rave mythologizing but all in all a pretty well-written review on on p4k