Listening Along To Chrissy's YEAR OF MIXTAPES


There’s this DJ I love.

His name is Chris Shivley.

I first saw him in 2011 when he was known as Chrissy Murderbot and helping break Juke/Footwork to the world.

I’ve seen him many other times, each one amazing.

I found out he did a series of 52 mixtapes from 2009-2010 that go through his favorite styles of dance music, with some other themes thrown in.

Those mixes were a mind blowing education to me back in 2011, and I’d like to revisit them. Join me if you’d like, @roohoneychild has expressed interest, @criminiminal you may enjoy this too…feel free to invite friends.

These days, he goes as Chrissy. Here’s some cool links related to music he puts out…

And here’s the blog where all the mixes are kept (still, cus he’s awesome) the blog itself is discontinued but everything is on mixcloud, and there’s blurbs about each one.


What I’m hoping is that we as a group can listen along and comment on what jumps out to us, what we enjoyed, and any other reactions to these mixes over the course of a year…

Week One: Tin Pan Tape

I’ll do my best to post weekly sometime between Sundays and Wednesdays. If I haven’t posted by Thurs feel free to toss up the next mix…52 weeks lesssgooooooooo…


i’m with ya Nick let’s go <333


I remember Chrissy! ok, this will be fun :slight_smile:


i’m like three tunes deep and this is already so banging. love dancehall so much but i can be difficult to get into the older stuff in particular without good guides


I am so down for this… I listen back to the belgian rave 1991 and happy hardcore mixes all the time!


yeah, i remember his amazing one-year-one-mix-a-week project, haven’t been able to listen to most of them. good idea to try it again! nice, that the dl-links are still working, going to listen to his freestyle-set first.

also just found my old copy of his murderbot-12" on mashit. cool shit.

thanks for the idea, @nickecks!


Nice one @nickecks these look really good to just dive headfirst into.
Interested in a couple of these. Mainly looking forward to the stuff I have no idea about though.


yeah no reason not to jump around and listen, ill just be attacking them week by week and hopefully folks will feel motivated to throw in their 2 cents…

this first one honestly gets a bit repetitive for me, there’s only so many minutes i can hear the same riddim before im ready for a switch up, but its instructive as to the origins of the sound and styles. Favorite tracks are from 39:00 onwards…the Bam Bam and Fever Pitch riddims are probably my favorites, those tracks just get me hyped…also anything that General Levy or Bounty Killer get on…

here’s the riddims from the blog

1-5: Joyride Riddim
6-10: Duck Riddim
14-16: Street Sweeper Riddim
20-25: Hot This Year Riddim
26-28: Muslim Riddim
30-37: Bam Bam Riddim
38-39: Fever Pitch Riddim
40-42: Clinic Riddim
43-44: Gun In A Baggy Riddim
45-47: 21st Century Riddim


fuego! so on point with everything here


Reggie Griffin & Technofunk; Mirda Rock (Sweet Mountain)
Midnight Star; Freak-A-Zoid (Solar)
Thomas Dolby; She Blinded Me With Science (Capitol)
James Brown; Sex Machine (Polydor)
The Pointer Sisters; Automatic (12" Mix) (RCA)
Black Gold; C’Mon Stop (Prelude)
Yello; Bostitch (Stiff)
Alexander Robotnick; Problémes D’amour (Chrissy Re-Edit) (Fuzz Dance)
Dee D. Jackson; Automatic Lover (12" Version) (Jupiter)
Kraftwerk; Computer Love (Remix) (Kling Klang)
Munich Machine; In Love With Love (Casablanca)
Lime; My Love (12" Version) (Matra)
The Other People Place; Eye Contact (Warp)
R. Kelly / Sportin’ Life; Ignition / This Dance (Chrissy Blend) (Jive / Warp)
Lime; On The Grid (Canadian Mix) (Matra)
Diebold & Cataluna; Sex Technology (Megatone)
Jo-Carol; You Turn Me On (Chrissy Re-Edit) (Megatone)
The Miracles; Love Machine (Tamla)


Love this selection! I guess Automatic Lover is one of my most beloved cheesy sing-a-long-tracks! Goes well with Kraftwerk of course!


yeah i dug the section from sex machine into computer love, fun tunes!

Forgemasters; Stress (Network)
Cyclone; Internal Memory (Network)
Nightmares On Wax; I'm For Real (Warp)
Tricky Disco; Tricky Disco (Warp)
The Art of Noise; Catwalk (The Ground Mix) (China)
Baby Ford; Blow Back (Insumision)
Tomas; Mind Song (Warp)
Tuff Little Unit; Join The Future (Warp)
Juno; Soul Thunder (Bassic)
LFO; Love Is The Message (Beware Of The Bass Remix) (Tommy Boy)
Too Critical; Tension (white)
Rhythmatic; Take Me Back (Let's Go Back) (Network)
The Boys From Chariss; Computer Boom (white)
The Step; Yeah You (Robert's Mix) (Warp)
Sweet Exorcist; Clonk (Warp)
Xon; Dissonance (Network)
N-Joi; Techno Gangsters (DeConstruction)
CoCo Steel & Lovebomb; Feel It (Warp)
Cyclone; Stream (Network)
Forgemasters; Pump Me (Network)
Nightmares On Wax; Aftermath (LFO Remix) (Warp)
LFO; LFO (Remix) (Warp)
Sweet Exorcist; Psych Jack (Warp)


Will Smith; Miami
B.B. King; Philadelphia
Juggy Jones; Inside America
The B-52s; Mesopotamia
The Budos Band; Chicago Falcon (The Washington Sq. Lads & Mark Ronson Remix)
Hubert Laws; The Chicago Theme (Love Loop)
Tommy Wills, Man With A Horn; K.C. Drive
Luis Enriquez & His Orchestra; Rendezvous In Rome
Peter & Paul Lewis; Ethiopian Land
Two Man Sound; Que Tal America
Calypso Rose; Kingston Breakdown
Zoo Brazil; Tokyo
Fierce Ruling Diva; Amsterdam Slide
Jermaine Dupri & Ludacris; Welcome To Atlanta
Jermaine Dupri; Welcome To Atlanta (Coast 2 Coast Remix feat. Diddy, Murphy Lee, & Snoop Dogg)
2Pac feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman; California Love (Remix)
The Main Ingredient; California My Way
Kool & The Gang; Hollywood Swinging
Atki2; Vietnam
Cesaria Evora; Angola (Carl Craig Remix)
Man Parrish feat. Freeze Force; Boogie Down Bronx
Kraftwerk; Trans Europe Express
Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto; Trans Europe Express
Serge Gainsbourg; New York, USA
Mateo & Matos; New York Style
Ray Mang; Praia do Londres
DJ Mark Flash; São Paulo
Monkey Steak; Maghreb
James Braun; Oi World This Is Copenhagen
Van Halen; Panama
Siouxsie & The Banshees; Hong Kong Garden
Telex; Tour De France
ABBA; Waterloo
Affairs Of The Heart; Waterloo Sunset
Duran Duran; Rio
DJ Marquis; D/E/T/R/O/I/T
313 Bass Mechanics; D.E.T.
DJ Nasty; In The D
DJ Chip; Streets Of The Chi
Kim Wilde; Kids In America
Ultravox; Vienna


Fun fact / Rumor has it Nas wrote Will Smith’s verses on the opening track…



Jade; Don’t Walk Away
Hi-Five; I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)
Al B. Sure!; Nite & Day
Ralph Tresvant; Sensitivity
Soul II Soul; Keep On Movin’ (Teddy Riley’s Rubba Dub)
Bobby Brown; Every Little Step
Color Me Badd; I Wanna Sex You Up
Tony! Toni! Toné!; If I Had No Loot
TLC; What About Your Friends
Pebbles; Giving You The Benefit
Bobby Brown; Humpin’ Around
Salt N Pepa; Expression
Bell Biv DeVoe; Do Me!
Keith Sweat; I Want Her
Christopher Williams; I’m Dreamin
Guy; Groove Me
Bobby Brown; On Our Own
Tevin Campbell; Round & Round
Wreckx-N-Effect; New Jack Swing
TLC; Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg (Remix)
Michael Jackson; Remember The Time (RIP HOMIE)
Hi-Five; I Just Can’t Handle It
Boyz II Men; MotownPhilly
Another Bad Creation; Iesha
Bell Biv DeVoe; Poison (Remix)
Kid N Play; Funhouse (The House We Dance In)
Chubb Rock; Treat 'Em Right
Tony! Toni! Toné!; Feels Good (Remix)
Johnny Gill; Rub You The Right Way
Babyface; It’s No Crime
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince; Ring My Bell
MC Brains; Oochie Coochie
Redhead Kingpin & The F.B.I.; Pump It Hottie
Bubba; I Like Your Style
Basic Black; Whatever It Takes
Johnny Kemp; Just Got Paid
R. Kelly & Public Announcement; She’s Got That Vibe


Teddy produced and/or remixed #2, 5, 16, 19, 21, 22, 33, 34, & 36; Jimmy & Terry did #4 & 29; L.A. Reid & Babyface produced #6, 10, 11, 17, & 30; and Dallas Austin is responsible for #9, 20, 23, & 24.


Chrissy is such a good DJ, not to mention a really nice guy. And he’s played my records before which wins him extra points for sure.