Liquid Club Music


I’ve been listening to a lot of aquatic or liquid club music recently, and was wondering if we could get a thread going with your favourites in this category. I’m interested in music that sounds very bubbly or features splash samples, stuff commonly found in tech house, garage and minimal old and new… Here are two songs I rate.





AQUARIUM / 外神田DEEPSPACE def has a water thing going on -


Probably not “bubbly” but I find Porter Ricks and Pinch to be very aquatic, albeit in a more mechanical/techno kind of way

But in terms of bubbly, this is my favourite. Love it so much


Definitely on board (haha) with the Two Lone Swordsmen and Drexciya links, actually thought about including ‘No Red Stopping’ in my original post :slight_smile:

This is one of my favs by Ricardo, keep drawing for this one. It just has that delightful bounce, fizziness and elasticity… a versatile record!