Lanark Artefax // Corra Linn (Numbers)


whoa, WTF!!? i’ve been waiting for new lanark since 2017 and here it is, just dropped out of nowhere… and it’s sublime… this guy is really making the best of electronic music rn IMO, those previous two EP’s were solid gold


Yeah totally out of nowhere. Love when that happens. I love tracks 1 and 3, remind me the most of Whities 011 which was amazing. I wish track 2 was a little less crazy (for me!), I have this stupid thing where I have to love or at least tolerate every track on an EP or LP to buy it. Ahhh! What a surprise, totally him, has his own signature sound and that’s pretty incredible. Need to give it a few more listens. Great post!


Conversely, I love the craziness of track 2 but I spent my early 20s listening to a lot of Venetian Snares so that’s probably why haha. I love Corra Linn though. Came out of nowhere and likely one of my favourite tracks of the year.

Also as a web dev and appreciator of web design trends, I like the website


track 2 is where it’s at for me! legendary bassline. great little single. i would almost pay extra to exclude track 3 :rofl: (like, c’mon, no one wants to listen to a boring solo piano miniature).


Totally missed this release (probably because it got released on numbers?), lovely stuff as always. Hope he’ll release more frequent now.