Lack of DJ Beef


Whats up with all these DJs todays being super nice to one another and being super reticent to start smack/beef with one another (of the top of my head is Zomby but he’s proper redundant now innit).

All I ever see these days are insta snaps (pre Covid) in Croatia doing hero shots at Dimension festival living their best life.

Its kind of weird to think the most violent DJs in underground dance music were old disco dudes ala Andrew Weatherall (RIP) punching out DJ Harvey back in the old Ministry of Sound.

Are we just too mellow of a generation or are we becoming smarter or whats going on? #stiringupthehornetsnestofshitposting


they trynna get to the bag. the more friends u have, the easier it is to make this cash


Socials, Cancel culture, Wokeness, Money

Varg is the closest thing this gen has to what you’ve described…seems to be a foregone era


hahahha wow so edgy


Welcome to Late Stage Capitalism ™


Posted this on dubstepforum and this is the most apt response:

Regardless, do people still chat shit? Yeah, without a doubt. Subtweeting, indirect calls, putting ppl in their place after crap hot takes. But I don’t really see grudges.


this is some real shit. sometimes the music doesn’t even matter to some people giving off opportunities. making friends is really a good way to open doors to get to the bag


bunch a yes men afraid to speak up and alienate themselves, like dis guy ^^^ talking bout his bag

back in the day we’d call out the wackness


^^^ semi-intentional beef post

honestly, the UGHH forums were terrible with people tearing each other down - kinda seemed creatively stifling

it goes both ways - when everyone’s being nice different things might materialize than if folks are being guarded, critical of others and protective of their own operations


bro im not even making any bags what u aiming at me for lmao


it was in the spirit of the thread fam



I think there was some beef between Trevor Jackson and WANDAGROUP in the past? And funny, Trevor and Geoff Barrow hate each other’s guts.

It’s harder to say what beef exists with newer DJs. Seth Troxler probably still hates Nina Kraviz. Uh, Louis of Chaos in the CBD likes to shitpost online pretending to be James Blake, but I don’t think that is a two-way conversation.


As everyone else has said, the only way you make money anymore is bookings. The only way to get bookings is to be friends with everyone and have a squeaky clean image. Nobody wants to book a [perceived] asshole when bookings are what pays the bills.

That is why we need to talk more shit on here. We don’t have skin in the game. We can keep the fire burning.


Yeah. Forums in general allows a lot more leeway for shitchat. Happened a lot in the old DSF during the old golden dubstep days. There’s a feeling of exclusivity and making aliases that regular social media doesn’t offer. It’s also more interesting for lurkers :grinning:

Chatting shit about “scenes” I used to like in new dubstepforum feels so cathartic. Chatting a couple paragraphs about anything in forums feels cathartic in general and makes me want to be do some writing work for mags until I realize I can barely write shit outside of forums :hushed:


Beef is engagement.

Sometimes it is done out of love.