LA recordstores


Hey there,
I’m in LA for a few days and would love to hit some recordstores.
Any recommendations for a house/techno joint?



probably Mt. Analog is where you’ll want to go. I think it’s still there. Figueroa St in Eagle Rock which might be a little out of your way depending on where you are.


nevermind, looks like they closed. not super surprised. for everything else, try the mecca, Amoeba, in Hwood…


Only record store I visited in LA was this place called Origami Vinyl… it was my first record store I’ve ever went to but the selection there is super basic so I don’t really recommend it.

+1 on Amoeba. Never been there but I always hear good stuff about it.


ive always wanted to check out Artform, Adrian Younge’s record store / barber shop on Fig near Stones Throw, from what ive heard more of a salon/art space with wax on the side, big emphasis on funk/soul/hiphop but might be a type of space to get the good word on what you’re seeking…word from reviews is that its pretty boutique (read: overpriced represses and cool chasing scenesters) but its LA so things evolve quickly and internet echos are never reliable…anyone else been there?


oh yeah, that place is fantastic…absolutely correct on the soul/funk/hiphop focus (+coffee table books/knickknacks) but it’s worth checking out for sure. unless it moved, it was down in the art district downtown.


if u wanna go down south and visit long beach too (where i live!) u best also check out fingerprints and third eye


Fingerprints is AWESOME. love LB :sunglasses:


posting so its here for reference next time i get to LA


what are folks’ favorite venues / crews in LA right now? Going to be there Jan/Feb and want to get my LA scene fix…