Kind of struggling with what to do. Producers and musicians I need your help and experience


I mean when I compare the music I was making a year ago to the music I make now it’s a huuge improvement. But I feel like I’m at the crossroads as to where to go. Genres ect. I want to make music that makes people move. That makes people feel.

I’m stuck as to which direction to move. I have a logo and a kind of aesthetic to the music I’m making now. I’ve been playing around with garage grooves and creating unusual sounds to accompany the drums. But I don’t know what kind of music to make!!!

I have an idea for promo which I will use next month at a festival. But I feel my music won’t be good enough for when I do the promo. I can never finish tracks because I run out of ideas and motivation and it’s starting to piss me off.

I know what I want. I’m kind of piecing together ways to get there. But it’s fucking hard man. I knew it was never going to be easy. But seriously it’s fucking hard.

The music I make isn’t like the rest. (Don’t we all say that). But really. I think this is why it is so hard for me. I don’t have a specific genre to go down, I don’t have an instant crowd I can send my music out to. Because my music is different it’s like I have to find the different people. The ones who are accepting and open. The ones who really love music and let it flow through them. But damn that’s hard. Instagram is laced with bots, half arsed efforts and stupidly aidsy accounts. Soundcloud is full of bots and is very hard to get heard and I feel that my music isn’t quality enough for Spotify and such.

I’m having a hard time deciding what to do. A really hard time. I want this so badly and I know I can achieve my desire but I don’t know what direction to go in. Can you help me??!


swim with the tide around you and pretend that you meant it.


hard thing. i think most musicians (and wannabees like me) know this feelings and concerns very well.

if you need your music mostly for your festival gig: maybe there is no need to finish the tracks? maybe find a way how to combine your sketches to a live-set that is not boring or flexible enough for changes?

do you have some producers or musicians as friends in real life? try to do a listening session and get real and honest feedback. look for someone who actually listens to it and is capable of analysing your tracks.

there is also no need to be ashamed to get help. try to find out, which part in music making you love and are good in and which not. nobody has to do everything for himself so if you need help in structuring tracks then try to find someone who does this for you. working with people especially friends is always a good thing to do. plus you learn a lot. there is this real misconcecption that a producer should be a master of every step in making music: songwriting, sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering, djing, social media, … i mean most musicians outside of dance music know this very well.
so if you’re good at doing drums maybe find someone who can play some melodies etc.

also fuck the idea of perfection. the most interesting music is the stuff that isn’t perfect. to me early dubstep and grime is a wonderful example for this. i loved that it sounded like crappy fruity loops beats but with proper mastering.

which leads me to: pick some tracks you like at most, take some money and pay someone to do a good mixdown and/or mastering. it’s good when someone else is doing it. and it gives you a new perception of your music. i think it’s worth to do it (even just for getting an idea what is possible and how much it improves even average music).

for general motivation i can recommend

for example

i tried their idea of doing one hour of music everyday in the morning and i think it works good! (of course i’m not consequent but i want to got back to this again).

hope this helps a bit!


Thanks very much man its appreciated!


just listening to your soundcloud atm. there are very good ideas in your music! keep on making beats and don’t let self-doubt bring you down. there is no need to put yourself under pressure. :wink:


Thnak you bro, very different things coming soon!