Just Jam (tim and barry)


Tim and Barry’s Just Jam on dontwatchthat. best visuals, real interesting london djs and mc’s, no corny footage of people dancing. post your favorites


This bok bok mix is such a succinct trip from 2003 classic grime/sublow to night slugs/fade to mind 2012 emotional high energy shit. it’s perfect imo


one of my fav channels for DJ videos. even though they were always grime affiliated through and through they were never afraid to showcase the cutting edge of newer club sounds. also I love the ridiculous visuals.


This logos mix is sick so far.

even though they were always grime affiliated through and through

I think this is an important point. Keeping it centered on some sort of scene or culture is probably why its still relatable and interesting. Boiler Rooms self-globalsation is really exhausting after a while… one day its ben ufo mixing in a closet in hackey, the next day its Carl Cox playing tech house by a pool. completely devoid of any identity



This was the mix that really got me into grime, the rowdy energy of it etc. The bit specifically that hooked me was the 14min Big Narstie thing - I didn’t really understand reloads etc properly as an MC thing, so it was confusing and thrilling to me. The DJ is Spooky who is brilliant.

Loefah & Chunky, perfect intro, perfect marriage of DJ and MC where neither is prioritised over the other.

I love any of these Micachu mixes, I am a big fan and I love all these non-song beat things she made and for the most part never released, so I will take any Micachu mix.


Grime freestyle I was obsessed with for a while

Footwork documentary. They have a lot of other good footwork stuff if you look, mixes and so on.


lmao holy shit 14 mins is so buck. his actual voice sounds like Wiley but even higher pitched and played off a decaying cassette tape. GAS LEAK GAS LEAK GAS LEAK GAS LEAK


very good point. About 1% of BR sets are from ppl I rate or part of some music families / labels hosting a BR set, and then 99% are ppl from scenes and ppl I don’t care about :sleepy:

Reminded me of Radar Radio (RIP, despite its shady backgrounds everyone more or less knew). During its run it had some of the freshest content out in internet radio, and it definitely gave Rinse a run for its money. Without a doubt it had the best variety and a big sense of community. I loved early Radar shows back in early 2015 cause there would be MCs hopping on any sets regardless of who the DJs were, it was so fun.

IMO right now a better alternative to Boiler Room is Keep Hush. Better selection and variety imo.


Totally missed the boat on Radar radio, but it seemed like it had deep roots and alot of people were really bummed when it shut.

I’ve been enjoying their shit too. Way more focused and coherent.