Jai Paul // Do You Love Her Now / He (XL Recordings)


Any opinions on the new Jai Paul single from the 5555555555555555555ers?
This came out last week along with the leaked demos from 2013 and I couldn’t see a thread for it.
I think it’s great, if I was unaware of his previous stuff I reckon i’d be impressed with this but I am a total sucker for good pop songs. Obviously it’s come out cleaner and more polished than BTSTU and Jasmine but there’s still enough weird sounds and little production motifs.


was big on jasmine back when it hit, the rest doesn’t do much for me though ¯_(ツ)_/¯


the best thing about these two singles ( do you love her now) is that it shows how jai paul’s identity and production techniques still shine through on polished tracks like these. overall loving the singles.