It's a london thing


General thread about town: events, news, protests, causes for optimism and despair…

maybe starting with the cause – anybody checked it out yet??

looks wicked – if a bit wary of the 'Undoubtedly N17 will be the hottest post-code this summer!’ stuff…


Anything good in London this weekend? I happen to be there Thu-Sun and have never been out there, really.

I really like shit in the vein of Avalon Emerson, Courtesy, Lena Willikens, Vladimir Ivkovic, Blawan, Hessle krü. (If that’s even a vein.) Will settle for any tasteful techno/house in a cool space with great people. Trippy chill-out room would be a plus. :slight_smile:



i like north london. its posh mans town but everyone is more cynically self-conscious than east or south.


Kode9s night tomorrow at corsica

Florian Kupfer in Totters Saturday

Marie Davidson early saturday Hackney


RE Optimism; Even The Strong


is there one this weekend?


i don’t think so sorry mate! probably their facebook > would be the best place to catch those deets