Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music


The new version of this came out this week and though I don’t like the tone in some of the writing it has been very informative. I spent hours yesterday digging into genres and finding music I hadn’t heard which is always exciting. So I thought we could talk about it maybe even recommend genres that should have been on it and give a list of examples of songs that fit into said genre


Lol I really love his writing on dubstep / brostep, he’s very knowledgeable on the hardcore continuum. He could’ve wrote about all the different sub-scenes / genre cross-pollinations within dubstep (brostep notwithstanding) but that would be a whole other project in itself.


He writes very grumpily like an old man (understandably, since he made the first version in 1999 and witnessed a lot of stuff since then) but anyone who knows about the evolution of UK dance music genres and understands the difference between dubstep and brostep (and hates the latter, especially) is good in my book.


Don’t get me wrong I thought the Brostep section was hilarious but there is sometimes where his use of language seems dated it makes me cringe.

Still love the guide though have spent hours on it since it’s come out, and have found great trax I never knew existed.


thank ishkur for these finds so far <3


[deleted screenshot from site]

Yeah, not going to read this guy’s stuff ever again. Thanks.


agree. it’s pretty cringey.


owning the sjw libtards am i right gamers :sleepy:


i’m actually realizing now that ishkur fucking sucks


Yeah, he’s definitely not cool. He’s very jaded as fuck actually.


I think we all have met someone who tries so hard to say shocking shit on purpose just for the reaction. the outcome is always never great. honestly, I don’t think he means any harm by it. the scope of the work itself is impressive and clearly he’s a scholar of sorts. maybe we should invite Ishkur so he can defend himself…


After reading a couple more of his points on other genres, he’s very informative, without a doubt. However, he seems to abhor certain genres, so he’s very nitpicky. At his best, his writing is very enlightening. At his worst, he’s just super salty and snobbish, and sometimes he only provides basic info on genres with complex history. But seriously, this dude really needs to take some chill pills. He really hates Eurotrance and UK Garage, and he’s not reluctant to bash the audiences as well if he’s got a bone to pick with them on literally anything. Seriously, hating Skrillex was such a 2011 thing, everyone in the real dubstep scene has moved on years ago.

P.S. - I love how he wrote an entire article on Pendulum.

“It is one of those events that is so monumental that when people talk about history, they unconsciously draw a line between stuff that happened before the event and stuff that happened after (ie: “we are living in a post X world”, where X is something earth-shattering like the atomic bomb or 9/11). We are witness to one of these life-changing events in Drum n Bass. Welcome to the Pendulum Age.”