Is anyone else on What channels do you follow?


Just joined recently, I really appreciate their philosophy on knowledge organization and connection. Are there any channels you would recommend following?

This one on “Rave Fiction” is great:

“Internet Explorers” is full of great web design alongside some lesser-known online oddities:

Still a new user so can’t post more links at the moment but the “New American Interface” channel feels very relevant right now as well.


Are you using it on a laptop or phone or something else? It crashes on my phone.


this is cool. i’m trying to figure out what exactly it would be suited for… right now I’m thinking, ideating/moodboarding with a group?


Yeah I just use the desktop version at the moment. Don’t think they’ve released an android app yet


Right now I just use it for simple bookmarking. I have some private channels where I collect music releases/ articles I want to read. But I’ve seen others use it to connect disparate pieces of information/media in really interesting ways. There’s a whole channel that explores the idea of compassion through everything from cute animal pics to quotes from theory-heavy books. I’ve also seen some users create channels for research/ thesis papers.

Creating one with a predetermined group sounds interesting! I bet some companies/firms already do that in private channels


Wow thanks for this I didn’t know this website at all it looks great!


Thanks for sharing this. Really like this, wish it had an android app. I’ve already lost a few hours browsing those channels above, -I would share my own but done nothing with it yet!


I don’t get it. It’s insanely messy and random - how do I find a category or something I might be into? I only find a lot of random images and carpe diem-type motivational quotes and titles that mean nothing to me, and even less when I click into them. Where’s the depth that’s being mentioned? This just looks like Pinterest without the like-button to me. Maybe not a bad thing, but not really seeing what’s so great about this upon first visit. Please educate me. :slight_smile:

#9 is nothing without its channels. The raw feed of images and content is nice, as is the search function, but it’s in channels that you start to build a community of people/ideas that you want to explore. For instance, in this link to Cameron’s World, you can see the content is connected to four channels: Internet Explorers, Art Web, Proto-internet and TREASURES. Each of these channels have their own purposes, content, and further channel connections.

It takes some getting used to, but I’ve found it very intuitive to navigate through different users, blocks and channels, getting lost through tunnels of content and knowledge bases. And throughout it all, you can build your own channels. What makes it better than pinterest as that the website has the exact same functionality regardless of like or follower count. All that matters are the connections that people make between objects.


Glad you enjoy it! I believe they’re working on an android app at present moment


been building this one up since finding out about through this post if anyone’s interested…


Thank you for sharing this. Gonna sign up cuz your channel/blocks/whatev is sick.


Yes if nothing else it’s a visual bookmark of what you read which is nice to have as an archive and share


And thank you for the compliment :smirk:


Thanks for mentioning my Rave Fiction channel :hugs: I’m currently out of blocks but thinking of going premium to keep the channel alive