In Copenhagen - need some tips


Hey, I’m in Copenhagen this weekend and would love to.know if you guys had any recommendations of record stores/clubs etc to check out…?

Ps: yes I know about Christiana


hi! this weekend is copenhagen jazz festival, there will be lots of music going on all over the city in public squares and parks. Good venues are those like Alice and Mayhem which is a DIY spot for more out-there stuff. for records you could also check out Percy records on Heimdalsgade… there is probably loads of other stuff going on, I’ve been living here a couple of months and am just getting my bearings. Hope that helps!


Also this semi-avant festival this weekend :

Bas Under Buen, local dub/step/garage/reggae outdoor urban event :

Or there’s always Culture Box, pretty established small-ish club.

Insula records is also worth checking, Palmspree maybe as well. Check vinylhub for more record stores :


Thanks @chava and @tuuun will go check out Percy right now :slight_smile:


A small update:
Went to Percy and CAN: great record stores with very friendly and helpful people at the counter. I then went to Cafe Jolene and it was really cool (saw label boss of Bordello A Parigi). The space location and overall energy was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it. Be aware that the people from the north start partying quite early and having a 3am vibe at 00:30 can be a bit disorienting but not in bad way.
Sharing in case it might interest someone to come around here.
I’m loving the Danish scene!


yes this is the 555 ish that makes me grin real wide!


Actually Danes usually don’t show up at any venue before way after midnight. That does not imply that they do not start the party early though. It may have changed a bit recently but in the early days it was notoriously hard to do events with early timeslots. And nowadays as I’ve gotten older this is something I envy other scenes in different countries/ cultures.


@nickecks yeah I feel you :wink:

@chava ah ok I blindly thought it was a general thing, must have lived something special then aha


As the responses seemed great I thought I would jump in on this thread to ask if anything is happening on the weekend of the 30th of November?