i need some new music


fill me up :brain::brain::brain:


what kind of music are you looking for? and what do you consider “new?”



am i able to block people here? i am so sick and tired of trolls


love black midi


is this just another shitty platform for trolls? i’m kind of lost here

i’m sorry, i don’t mean to come off as rude or hostile, but i am having a very difficult time with finding safe spaces online. i was actually really happy to have found a space like this through ssb. so that one post really through me off as a pattern of abuse i’ve often noticed and experienced. so it was a redflag for me.

i am also genuinely excited to talk to someone about music here, and to toss out some stuff to be talking about. and i feel many of my concerns just got in the way because i want to make sure this is safe place for me.

and this is a type of post that derails a thread, but it doesn’t have to. i’m just rambling about my concerns because this place seems cool and chill, and i care that it’s a safe place.

memes and stuff confuse me sometimes, so i dno

w/e i ramble, alot, so w/e i’m not sorry for addressing my concerns or being the way i am


i started this deliberately vague (silly and somewhat regretfully now) thread hoping people would just link whatever music they want to, it’s all good. POLITICALCAREER is an attention seeker or whatever, it doesn’t matter, you’re safe


Guess I’m responding to something that is maybe obviously trolly here but - I didn’t mean any harm that’s for sure. It’s just an image five times and a song.


recommend this podcast to find new music: https://femalepressure.wordpress.com/podcast/


it’s a joke bc the song he’s linking is called patience and you have to scroll down a long while to see the link. so you need patience.


pleasure venom, pillow queens, microdisney, we’ve got a fuzzbox and we’re going to use it, big joanie, alice bag


stuff freaks me out sometimes, w/e


can’t make my post because it has more than two links lol


i just pasted my reply here instead. there’s a list of some vaporwave/retrowave/chiptunes/hiphop/solarpunk stuff



i get u pal, as some who has been fucking been somewhat a “lolcow” on multiple places for like, just being trans and open about it : x internet irony can be fucking hell


these are all new and all good :sunglasses:


much thanks for the SOL Dev. discovery !


I wish. My wit isn’t at that level. I posted from a phone so from my pov it takes a microsecond to scroll. I think my subconscious bubbled up this infliction on the messageboard thinking like, keep on the track… Yes, patience. And effort. I don’t know Tame Impala but when I to listened his stuff on Editions Mego which he was maybe selling 2000 copies of… I dunno, I just found this, being intro by Sandra Oh, heartwarming af…


No wait, gross, there was a joke in there … something like “new track” and it’s track. But no one said ever track…


Sleep in a jeep or the moor … land … what for