human(s) after all: the end of daft punk (1993-2021)


dp’s publicist confirmed to p4k that they are done as a duo. no reason why given.

not much i can rlly say at the moment. discovery was the first electronic album i ever heard in full, i got into this whole dance music thing from them. but thats rlly nothing special on its own, cuz everyone loved them. rlly have never heard anyone outside of the most dickhead rockist say anything bad about them. i dont even need to say anything about their influence, on dance, and pop, and hip hop. its so obv to anyone who has been paying attention to popular music of the 21st century

alive 1997 and human after all are probs my two fav albums of theirs, their most underrated, and probs the most important to me for personal reasons i might get into later. but idk. share ur grief, and then your love. i wish thom and guy-man the best in their individual and their lives as non-robotic humans. <3


love these dudes more than anybody but so hard to care about this. might as well have been broken up since like 2014 or whatever. the movie soundtrack, hip hop beat hired gun, fully Los Angeles’d-out Daft Punk was pretty whatevs to me. shoutout to them for securing the bag so to speak tho.


Definitely seems strange to see them gone, they’ve loomed as a presence throughout my years of listening to music. Not always been to my taste but it’s been a wild ride and their albums have always been well formed.

I’m sure they’ll be back eventually for a reunion tour or something if they ever go broke.


Yeah, as much as I wanna be all heartbroken seeing as they were my first electronic love, taking me down the rabbit hole and all, I can’t say that this is particularly shocking.

They’ve done it all, and done it well. I wasn’t anticipating them to do another album because all the others are so fucking good. What a discography.

I keep going back to Random Access Memories and appreciating it in new ways. It reminds me of living in Portland and getting into disco, like finally getting it as a dancer somatically for the first time. Listening to that album on really really good speakers is such a treat.

The Tron Soundtrack came at the perfect time when I was rave relapsing and dubstep was conquering the US in exciting, mindblowing ways. Derezzed in particular is just them peaking as a project for me.

I missed Human After All when it dropped, wasn’t really around that sound in those days. Discovery I eventually came around to but hated it when it first came out (I wasn’t ready for the disco yet). But the stories I heard from friends at Coachella about the pyramid show affirmed that the robots were in fact gods. Think about this - they only went on one tour, ever. That became legend. Alive 2006/2007.

Around the World was on the radio constantly when I was in 5th grade, and I loved it. Picked up the single Da Funk with Musique as the b-side. Then the album. So from 12 these guys were a portal to a pre-Internet cool, a strange French odyssey into mind melting sounds of house and techno culture. Gotta pay my respects somehow…

Make Love and Something About Us are the two sexiest songs I know of.

Then there’s the helmets, the anime, the art film, the ability to fully hide their identities the whole fuckin time and ride off into the sunset…chefs kiss



Here’s the classic 1997 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


I’m not a “douchebag rockist” by any stretch but I always hated Daft Punk. Maybe it’s because I was coming of age around the time in the early 2000s when their crossover hits were inescapable at Brooklyn loft parties, during a time when “real” dance music was really on life support in NYC, and almost totally dead in the rest of America. So I associated them with the insipid playlists I was hearing at coke addled Vice magazine American Apparel style parties along with bands like Justice, the Knife, Ratatat and MGMT. I was a kid! I didn’t know any better!

Since then I’ve seen the videos from Furthur and heard Homework so I know I kinda wrong… but I still don’t like the tunes.

Not trying to insult anyone’s taste or anything, just chiming in with an alternate appraisal. It’s totally possible to love dance music but not go nuts for Daft Punk.


yo i feel like the wordplay in this thread title went underappreciated. nice one @weirdoslam


thank u, but it wasnt that hard :stuck_out_tongue:


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