How do I make this noise?


The long whirring high note with a fuck tonne of reverb on it… How would I make it?

Also this could be a good thread to gain insight into creating new sounds and ones we already like


my impression is that this sound was made with a guitar. it’s a one-whole-step interval from F# to Ab E to F# (oops I was tuned down; don’t listen to my dumb ass!) made by bending the string. reverb is, like you said, the key to it’s “length”.

barring access to a guitar, I might start making this sound with some sort of nasally (formant) organ patch, roll off some of the highest frequencies (probably roll off the low too…needs to sound somewhat emaciated and mid-rangey), roll off some of the attack, get a nice long release and add a fuck tonne of reverb :slight_smile: you’d need to use your pitch wheel to achieve the glide. drop a tiny dose of bitcrush on top to desiccate and smear out some of the detail.


Niiice cheers man appreciate it!