Hidden gems, any genre, any era


yeah I have whatever the ADR record is with the SD chip on the cover, which is okay I guess…but this first Gatekeeper record he did with his buddy from college, oh my lord…

also, the follow up (on HIT) is pretty rad (but not as great as the first EP^). why was 2012 such a good year in music?


Brought to mind an oooooold bside…they used to go by Hybrid Theory

Back in 99 when they were on their comeup as a buncha dudes from Carson…didnt have Chester yet

That first intro hook is super Chronic 2001 Dr Dre G Funk to me…


off-kilter noisy dubby krautrock techno power ambient :sunglasses: whole record is great and really underappreciated, I think.


going through drunken night out notes

either a tune by thug called bulb

or a tune by bulb called thug

anyone any idea what this is

edit found it pretty sick stuff 1988


ive been checking out the youtube uploads of Jo Ph, who gets stems from multitracks of mostly mainstream metal and pop songs (taken from old guitar hero files i think) and uploads them individually. and ive been making a playlist of some of the best demixes he has of taking the drums out of songs.

a few people here should know why i titled it that, u get a free :cookie: if u answer first
also my fave one of all of them has to be:

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Here’s one I hadn’t listened to in a while but this thread inspired me to go dig it up. Alec was the solo project of someone in the same scene as the P.H.F. record that @avery was talking about. The single For a Shine meant a lot to me back when it was released. Listening now I think I can kinda understand why. Anyways, this record is everything that I loved about that scene - hope someone else out there can hear what I’m talking about.


anybody rememeber jonathan fire eater?

If its the same one im thinking of I found about them through a cover of Cherry Red that The Kills did as a b-side.

The remainder of jonathan fire eater became The Walkmen later didnt they?


My favourite Actress stuff is from that era too and is actually Actress maybe Lukid, maybe both, and that’s the Thriller singles released on Werk. This is listed as Lukid

but a similar (if slowed down) feel was on Ghettoville on ‘rap’.

My favourite is the Freak for You/Point and Gaze single:


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ya im pretty sure. Stewart lupton died recently. really a great band, i think at least


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azkaBIlbQbg my favorite song by the walkmen


vaporwave 1993


dubstep 1996


so funny, i was talking to a friend last night about Porcupine Tree (also featured on that ‘93 comp) about how they started out as a solo electronic act and evolved into a progressive metal band. wtf.


One of the two best tracks of 1990.


Well good


Why not


More hidden gems deleted in 24 hours


brit funk 1981