Hi hello a ramble


some of the most interesting parts of being part of, experiencing and creating a forum have to do with authenticity. its the aura that haunts our internet age; i have authentic reactions to music at the exact moment it was released/blessed/cursed upon the world however there is also a history of culture assumed by the past archival of said true music as it has echoed through the fibre. but im also getting to know all of you based on what you show me on any given evening you happen to not be working, socializing, or being your normal human self. i get a shadow or a projection or a best self sliver.

this is our exhausted internet era. ironic detachment allows focus. humans need culture. we built and broke und its good cus we have this new 555 thing. loving it. anyyway…


forums are a particularly interesting aspect of a community. i’ve seen strong communities with bad forums, bad communities with strong forums - and all combinations between.

this one seems to be off to a good start, folks seem interested in going after some deeper and more verbose interactions. not simple link dropping (though, that aspect here is not a fault). Particularly with larger torrent sites like oink/what going down, you feel this faux shell of a community resurrect but the lack of meaningful forum activity always seemed a bit sad, sometimes from paranoid name changes to a general lack of interest after x number of years invested.

At any rate, it seems like there is a healthy age range and diverse interests here so far - at least in knowing a couple of the people on here.


yeah i would agree. ive held back on longer discussions so far because i’m more interested in watching and seeing who posts what and building out topics i’m into but havent seen lots of posts on here - southern rap, hip hop in general, sunny summer house tunes, etc.

what im hoping is that after time invested in doing that we’ve got a robust amount of threads that i can hop around in when i get into certain zones. i usually go on kicks of certain styles of music for a month or two at a time - these months super into hip hop in general cus so much of it is being released (plus i bit the bullet and got on a homies spotify fam plan so now its at my fingertips). but when im off on that 2 month wonky jazz / madlib / thelonious / son ra tip you better believe im making a thread for it.

thats what im hoping this place can become and not just BANGER BANGER CHOON CHOON VIP all day…although don’t get me wrong that shit can be dope after a shitty day at work. not holding my breath but being able to be like “hey im in berlin im gonna hit up ____, _____, and _____ cus their posts are amazing and seem like good people to have a beer with” would be awesome too.


Agree on the authenticity/community strength. Can’t say I haven’t done it before, but I find that sites and music forums die when it is only self promotion. There is still that, but I like that this forum likes to have a lot of discussion that lets every individual speak. A big problem places like reddit and twitter have when it comes to music/music discussion is that a majority of the content is just news about mainstream artists, and the discussion in the comments are usually just memes.