Help! Who remembers a dance track that sampled Cheech & Chong?


Folks, please help me out here! I’m trying to remember a techno track that sampled the Cheech and Chong film “Up In Smoke”. The track drops out and the sample plays “that’s the most acid I’ve ever seen anyone eat in my life!” Throughout the track, the dialogue is looped: “don’t eat acid, don’t eat acid”… would have been a club banger from about 20 years ago. Please, does anyone remember what this track was?


btw, it’s not this, it’s slower and housier if I remember correctly, but thanks to @adnhnrt for the entry :grinning:


Hahah I have no idea what thus site is. But I was just hunting that exact track. I think the don’t eat acid loop started as a acid chirp then slowly pitched down til you could understand then Brokedown into the cheech and chong sample. Scott Henry used to play at buzz in dc.
There was another one also. Had like a chick laughing fast like a chirp then slowed down it always fucked wit me… then got silent… and some big blackish sounding bish said “what the fuck you laughing at biiiitch!” And slammed back into the chirps. :joy: good memories
Hope you find it. :v:t4:


Oh man, I can hear the track but have no idea what it is!!! Gah that’s gonna bug the shit out of me now! Anyway, this ain’t the track yer looking for but this samples the bit in Up In Smoke where their mate cuts their windshield with his diamond ring. Wicked drum n bass tune this. Sample comes in at about 2:00 just before the bass line fully drops…


Thats a mad bangin’ tune m8


It’s floating about on YouTube somewhere but it’s got a different name to what I can remember, I have it on a white label somewhere & I believe it was called 'Run From China ’


Raw from china & this is the flip side.