I’m after more ambient tracks with a sort of hazy and gritty texture. The tracks below all share a sort of degraded yet warm throbbing quality that rly tickles my pickle. No new age cheese or outright drone tracks it’s all pretty machinic. Is there a name for this sort of stuff idk


love the haze, great thread. lo-ambient-fi


Can’t get enough of that pendant release initttt, great suggestions! I’m a sucker for anything with vague Grouper similarities so that palmbomen track is doing it for me rn.


Fuck yes, excellent thread! Digging all of this. Good ol’ Vladislav Delay does it everytime for me (some beats-ish in between, but lots of ambient, and lots of haze as well).

A couple more.

Maybe some of you’ll like some of these tracks I’ve made somewhat in the vein of this (shameless self-promotion):





Yoooo nice work those tracks are lovely!


Daaayum. Kareem Lofty is fucking ace! Can’t believe I haven’t heard it before. Please keep this thread rolling folks, best one on here for a while. :smiley:


Heey! Thanks! I really appreciate that. Was in a studio with some hip hop producers today, and they insisted they wanted to hear my stuff - they didn’t exactly look to like it, to put it mildly, and I felt it was shit myself, so nice to hear someone say something nice about it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


fuck yes thanks for reminding me vladislav exists. Dub meets ambient, couldn’t be better.


Did an EP around this you may enjoy, can stream on youtube.


outside of that i know huerco s just did a RA podcast so maybe theres some stuff in there


Rly cool stuff M8! Yhhh can’t wait to dig into that mix soon as I get enough time to myself


you do know there’s another label called “Hallow ground” in a experimental electronics right? Just pointing out.

Music sounds good though


thanks for checkin it out! - and yeh i became aware of that after the fact.



i made this a bit about 5 years back - don’t know if hazy, but definitely ambient ★彡


First thing that came to mind upon seeing the thread name was Machinedrum’s Vizion Centre EP. Classic imo, and it really revolutionized (for me) how music was released. I remember signing up for the Vapor City Citizenship which was basically an email list, but it provided a ton of free content such as tracks and art.

really lovely ambient EP with 4 other tracks similar to Vizion from Machinedrum’s album.


Nice! This was great. And thanks for reminding me of Machinedrum, he’s got some great records out.


New one from Jimmy Billingham on his own label Indole. He’s of HOLOVR fame, put out some great records on Firecracker, Opal Tapes etc but this new album is an ambient gem. Few other great ambient bits on the bandcamp from Ex Geo + Body Boys too