hard to mix/advice


tunes that are nightmare blends, trainwreck guarantees… and advice on how to do it?

i’ll start – mj cole/wily - from the drop

ii just never know where to cue it from, pearson sound did it though…

this in a club is really something else – I remember at Hidden in Vauxhall London everybody was just stuck in a rolling trance


I’d come in around 3:09, play the outro as an intro, load it up on the next deck, allow a little pause, then drop in at 0:00 ¯_(ツ)_/¯


First of all, the mix in of this on Pearson’s Fabric is still mindblowing to me. Just starts fading in during the verse… so perfect and unexpected. Tried to up it to Soundcloud/Youtube but got copyright blocked :confused:

Personally I would just make an edit with a long ass loop at the beginning that just automates what @nickecks is describing. Easy mode in terms of going to mix it, but it works.