Guilty Pleasures


every self respecting music geek has ‘em.

let ‘er rip.



the breakdown at 2:48 tho


Weird industrial ballad, can’t argue with that chorus:


okay, pretty good!

not familiar with John Martyn (who kinda sounds like a dude version of Sade) or Anglagard (who kinda sounds like Dream Theater meets Jethro Tull).

late-period Janet, okay. channeling that 90s Miami booty bass vibe with that breakdown :+1:

also, did not realize Bee Gees had a career into the 80s but…sure! must’ve borrowed Martin Gore’s sampler for this session :slight_smile:


Phil Collins played the drums on that John Martyn album. He’s mostly famous for some folky stuff earlier that’s ok but I’m not so into. The guilty part is that the other reason he’s famous is for his wife writing a book about how he used to beat her up after he died. :frowning:

And I think that Anglagard album could stand in for my guilty love of progressive rock.


Not particularly guilty pleasures but I do have a soft spot for 80s/90s soft rock/pop Such as this…

And I like a lot of Phil Collins hits and I never get tired of Seal’s Kiss From A Rose.
And…AND I like a lot of Vaporwave type stuff.


nothing guilty about that



No guilty pleasures, just live to love, no shame and no fucks given.

But yeah, I know what we’re getting at, and people are often surprised to learn I love Little Mix, Girls Aloud, other awesome mainstream pop acts. And my mum instilled in me an enduring fondness and admiration for David Gates/Bread.

(Okay, not just fondness, I legit love this song.)


just read something the other day which mentioned the idea of ‘guilty pleasures’ so thought it was quite funny to come across this today. Here’s a quote from the article

"Staunch authenticity believers are in quite a tricky position. Everywhere we turn, the world is simply filled with generic commodities, from cheaply printed Gildan tees to mass-produced condominiums. What is an authenticity believer to do?

Until recently, the easiest and most common response to the commodity landscape was simply avoiding it. Purchasing locally-sourced goods or items that are ostensibly hand-crafted (or produced in a similar non-industrial fashion) are common ways to avoid commodities and preserve the idea of an authentic relationship to consumed items. This avoidance extends to intangible commodities like personal taste, such as deciding not to like a band anymore because other people now like it as much as you. Exceptions to this normative avoidance behavior have typically been granted on the conditions that a speaker publicly express their remorse for liking something generic or popular by invoking the idea of a “guilty pleasure.”

Here’s a link to the actual article which will make more sense if you read it

by no means is this some smarmy response to your topic haha, i just found it interesting and i imagine this guilty pleasure stuff is something everyone on the forum has (myself included). Anyway apologies if people just wanted to bathe and indulge in guilty pleasures posts…just couldn’t help myself


totally glad you brought this up @spudrina. I think, certainly as a much younger music fan trying to protect whatever “authenticity” I thought I possessed, those guilty pleasures felt a little guiltier as I grappled to understand and contextualize my capital-S Self, or Being in the World, in relation to others/my peers. absolutely there’s a struggle to demarcate what separates “superior taste” from whatever unfortunate, lifeless pap the morons are listening to, whether it’s drum’n’bass acetates vs 2-step or hardcore punk 45s vs your dad’s classic rock records or conscious hiphop vs “rap” or spiritual free jazz vs big band or whatever you define as having a leg up over everybody else.

I’ve found that the longer I engage with music, especially new music, the more open I’ve become to other genres in general, older music, or just simply whatever’s on the radio at any given time. to me, guilty pleasures are only guilty if you’re still hung up on what other people think of you. and some people are. in particular, I think of the goth kids who only allow themselves to listen to Joy Division or the rockabilly pinup queens who can only listen to Johnny Cash on their thriftstore record player while sipping bourbon (neat), lest their entire contrived existence shatter in an instant, who would never in a million years listen to a disco song simply because it made them feel good.


I don’t care what my 300€ nigerian disco afro records friends think. the bridge + chorus to this is mental. have also sung it shabtronically at karaoke too


A trash pop punk band but this whole album is full of manic, self-deprecating, cynicism.

Their follow-up album is good too but 2 CDs worth of exposition and their latest (as of now) release is good but following the “band’s” trend of having plenty of collaborators. This justification of my guilty favorite band has been therapeutic.

Also to add to the What is a Guilty Pleasure conversation from what @spudrina quoted, I agree as well. I skimmed an article a few weeks back about how growing older does limit your taste in music, but it’s because you were shaped up in it - including your guilty pleasures. I’ve gotten used to loving my music whenever I want to love my music, as silly as they are (thanks technology!).

Meanwhile, I sort of know that whole one guy who only talks about music because he assumes if he knows it, you do not. I wish I was joking, but this is the kind of guy who bragged about how Spotify Wrapped doesn’t understand knowing music and then a while later bragged about how his Spotify playlists guarantees (just message him) you’ve never heard of it. Lately, even with the lyric posting, I’ve never seen him talk about how he actually likes music.

Can we not like listening to things? Must we boast? (actor cue: drink poison)


aestetic words
vaporgaze shoewave
paulstrech spambiant


i remember bringing up the band Converge to a hardcore bro and he wasn’t hot on them. can’t remember why he said they were shit but i went with it. had a listen to their 2012 album again the other day an i love it. i’m a basic bitch normie now


ye olden days of 2000 where BT can produce a song for the then best selling boy band on earth

and deep dish can do an offical remix for said song and it can be on the soundtrack for the original jimmy neutron film


Converge are the greatest hardcore band of all time IMHO