Graphics/Art/Video freelancer


Hi all am a new user / this is my first post (and I’m selling my soul) please be gentle lool

Finished my portfolio (v4) recently and I wanted to post it here for feedback and also to say I am looking for work at the moment - have been freelancing for ‘the scene’ for about 4-5 years. If you know anyone who’s looking please feel free to share the link below with them, hatemail also welcome

Thanks in advance for your time and energy



Wow !
I really love your work, especially the weird and glitchy stuff.
I wish I had the money to work with you on some artwork for my microlabel.


Hey thanks so much! Whats the label? Tell me more!

I’d be willing to work for / with you for cheap? Would love to be involved / always looking to do more! :slight_smile: drop us a message or an email - :slight_smile: