Got a question for all you Producers DJs and creators of music


From your experience what is it that makes electronic music so addictive?

From rhythms to sounds.

From lighting to stages.

Why is it that it makes us move?

What are the most noticeable things you’ve noticed playing your music to people?

Living in a smallish town with no real music scene I’m wanting to learn and grow, to gain knowledge on the subject and to maybe even start a scene myself with other like minded people.

Honestly any answers are welcome, I’m wanting to build a foundation to work on and to build upon.


rhythmic elements esp. those which are repetitve enough to put me into a trance or flow like state. this for me is what keeps me digging deeper and deeper into electronic music.


for me it’s less about build & release and more about anticipation & surprise


To me it’s less about electronic music, more about bits of music.
Its the constant search for 2, 4, 8 . . . bars that makes you want to hear it again . . .

Funkbreaks have to be doubled up, sampled music makes it “pre-looped”
and electronic music has a “built in loop”.
But its still all about that bit of music you want to hear again and again and again
and again mixed with something else you want to hear again . . .