$GME Wallstreetbets related music playlist


I’m thrilled what’s happening with the Gamestop stock atm. Hopefully some hedgefunds are going to get f*cked.

Plus I find it very interesting that there are already some tracks floating around on Soundcloud that are related to the topic. I started a playlist as a snapshot of this music. If you find some more, please post in this thread.


… eh. i shed no tears for these hedge funds and anyone (lumpen)prole who got some ad-hoc stimulus from this financial bumrush shouldn’t feel too much guilt about it, but i know enough about capitalism and it’s control mechanisms to know that this stuff won’t last. anyone who is saying that this is an authentic anticapitalist insurrection of any kind is to be laughed at and also shaken by the shoulders a bit.

it’s the stock market at the end of the day. the worlds largest legal casino. and as soon as the owners of the place find out u’ve been counting cards (a.k.a. winning too much for someone outside the VIP club) they do have full legal right to kick u out and take all ur change. which is what’s starting to happen right now with robinhood doing lockdowns on buying certain stock and i’m sure if this keeps going it will lead to just a straight up federal bailout of the hedge funds, which neither political party will really object to that much. it’s not fair at all, but it’s a casino, the house always wins! (and also u just made a different set of billionaires richer then usual at the end of the day)

but yeah that said thanks for this playlist. some of the most cringiest recordings on earth in here but there is some novelty to enjoy :laughing:


You’re right, absolutely! But politics in the US pay attention too, so let’s see what happens and enjoy some weird music. :slight_smile: