Gescom // Disengage radio mixes


I’ve been going through a load of old mixes that Gescom (a collective that features Autechre, Bola and others) did for Kiss 102 Manchester from 1994-1996.
The show was 4am-6am so it was billed as a chill out show.
(For me at least) it’s the golden era of IDM so there’s tonnes of absolute gems if you’re a fan. Also features loads of electro, techno, bit of dub and other ‘downtempo’.

Some extremely good person has a few of the (i think) earlier ones and has started uploading them onto youtube. This ones my fave so far. Loads of wicked electro from 18 mins in.
(Track ID anyone? Starts at about 25 mins, i think i know it but it’s driving me mad)…

And as a playlist


i’ve got one or two of these but honestly didn’t realize there were nine of them, will be checking all of these out thanks :slight_smile:

a few of the live recordings are very good too (Nesh and Strasbourg off the top of my head)


trackID @ 25:00 on mix #1 = Pharcyde “Passin’ Me By” (or Quincy Jones “Summer in the City”…assuming the former)

trackID @ 25:00 on mix #3 = Aphex Twin “Alberto Balsam”


Thanks so much for taking the time, i’m afraid its not any of those tracks though. I think the tracks you’ve ID’d are from the Disengage mixtapes rather than the Disengage radio shows. It appears that they did three mixtapes as well as two years of radio shows.
The one I’m on about is 25 mins into this show

Really appreciate the response @criminiminal it’s driving me nuts, lovely tune and I feel like it’s something quite well known, just can’t place it.



Yassssss. Love you xxxxxxxxxxx