George Clanton // Slide (100% Electronica)


giving this a cursory listen this morning and am extremely impressed. RIYL the new Yves Tumor single.


Thanks for the tip!
Had no idea this pure 90s electronica was back.
Dumb + Blast Off <3


God why didn’t this come out sooner? Gorgeous funloving summer tunes :heart:


no way! just in time for perfect sunny autumn afternoons riding my bike around the city…:slight_smile:


I’m noting a lot of hints of the album ‘shadowdog’ by an unknown artist called tirestires. That album was a strange anomaly in that it appeared, got recognition and then promptly disappeared. The sound of George’s voice is eerily similar to the one on tirestires too…hmm :thinking:


wow, yeah, really interesting and can definitely see the similarities. how did you even find out about that record, anyway?


A friend called me up once and we talked about various albums and movies as we usually did but he just casually brought up “have you ever heard of an artist called tirestires?” and thats kinda it. should probs catch up with that dude, havent talked with him in a while


Nice vibe on this. Thanks for the tip!