Film Festival Thread


Anyone in here love movies? Especially arthouse? Do you follow what’s on the horizon? I do. I’m a filthy film nerd.

I live near Melbourne so i try to attend a few films each year at MIFF. I caught 11 last year and was a pretty great experience with only seeing one clunker.

Cannes - Viennale - Berlinale - Rotterdam - Locarno - Sundance are the sauciest festivals IMO with world premieres that have me waiting impatiently to see.

Fav film of last year was An Elephant Sitting Still by Hu Bo, should have a home release hopefully this year. make sure 2 check it out


I love asian cinema so I ll check this one out.

Last film that really clicked with me was Columbus by Kogonada. Very slow and subtle kinda drama.


An Elephant Sitting Still
-> have seen this in cinema without knowing how long the movie is … :dizzy_face:


the best 4 hours of my lif


haven’t checked columbus yet but i have it, looking forward


the whole thing could’ve worked within a shorter time i think. but still a great though depressing movie.


just saw this one last saturday and can recommend it


Yes, nice 1. seen this and loved