Favourite music docs/films


Can you feel it


The Agony and the Ecstasy


The new documentary about ryuichi sakamoto was very serene and beautiful, really brings his ethos down to earth but is still really inspiring. Combines his experience with cancer, his last album, and the tsunami, among other things. Very nice portrait


Couldn’t agree more, definitely one of the best films I’ve seen this year.


The first part of DOWC is fantastic as well, the music is better too. Still looking forward to seeing part 3.

Many hilarious bits of DOWC pt.2 but the ‘Russian Winter’ song and floundering attempt to set fire to USSR flag is probably the highlight for me. It’s also worth pointing out that the people involved are often so repulsive that it can be a bit depressing at times.


just seen on RA: maybe you want to kickstart your next favourite music doc




i stumbled upon these videos some days ago. great explanations in a short amount of time and fun to watch. check out the others as well!


love this series, this and borders are the two series on vox i think are really pushing what youtube journalism can be