Favourite music docs/films


@n3ptun3 a little slow-going but totally worth Move D’s epic, impromptu dissertation on the connectedness of everthing :slight_smile:


only seen this for the first time last week and really enjoyed it :

Musically Mad - about UK Soundsystem Culture


Streamable on Boiler Room’s 4:3 platform: https://fourthree.boilerroom.tv/film/wild-combination-portrait-arthur-russell


this short about Firmeza was lurvley


OK, really not trying to go on a posting rampage rn, but literally been keeping a list in my head of these music docs so as to share with y’all.

Also, BIG FUCKING UPS to @nospace for the UK Sound System doc…literally putting that on as soon as I finish sharing this trio of flicks.

Dub Echoes

Solid eighty-minute dive into the history of dub and its legacy.

Rewind 4Ever: The History of UK Garage (2013 Documentary)

Pretty fucking thorough history of UKG, though no mention of DJ EZ or the gender dynamics that really gave birth to the scene nor the female DJ’s involved. But still highly recommended.

Sun, Sea and UKG

Another Boiler Room doc on UKG that is way better than it should be, this time looking at the scene in Aiya Napa where UKG took hold. Basically, have you ever wondered why Dizzee Rascal got stabbed there? This doc answers that question alongside a bunch of other UKG factoids.


likewise @zurkonic, thanks for posting ‘Dub Echoes’ - have never seen this either! cant wait to get into it


Can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it! Sounds great


try this link


but I don’t know how much it costs


I think I’m in love with this place.

If you’re looking for romantic old jungle docs from the tele this one gave me butterflies admittedly i was young when it dropped but it still buzzes me now

Yea tape crackers is cool but if you really want a feel for the pirate radio scene back then:

And this 3 part thing


via Legowelt, CC’d in English too

the fucking dance moves tho, and some of these styles and haircuts are totally back


anyone seen this? probably going to watch soon, it’s on the list…


yep, all very Peckham 2018


I always loved Meeting People Is Easy, the Radiohead tour doc from 1998. Basically becomes an account of how miserable and alienated the band gets, constantly traveling, having to play “Creep” every night, dealing with sycophantic press and being completely misunderstood, etc. Really affected me back in the day.


im sure someone may have posted this, but just in case, its on 4:3 the boillerrom site


Nice. Been exploring his music of late.


This is probably the best Hip-Hop documentary. Wu-Tang on a bullet train in Japan. Slick Rick in jail. Notorious B.I.G. interviewed in his childhood home. Run DMC. Dre. Everybody.


Favorite documentary of all time. You don’t have to be into metal. Brutally funny.


Insane HBO doc from the nineties about a divorced dad who gets into raving with his sons, takes ecstasy with his like 12 year old son on camera. Bit of a tough watch.


The Devil and Daniel Johnston


Can you feel it