Favorite Contemporary Artists?


As in alive and still working

Obviously most of yall know Takashi Murakami

Then one of my new favorites is Luke Murphy
hes kind of small right now but I love his newer neon/digital sculptures?

His other work is pretty decent too

Zhou Fan is also a big fave of mine

I cant imagine the amount of time gone into stuff like this

Alejandro Acosta

I really dig his expressive technique
I’m no where near the level that these people are at but I try to take a more expressionist approach when painting at the moment so I love to see stuff like this

Fiona Rae… her stuff kind of reminds me of Murakami’s

Nobuyoshi Araki is a really good photographer but its super erotic
Hes been in some controversy recently though, I wouldnt call it controversy so much as him just being a shitty human.

Daido Moriyama is a much more interesting photographer and not a scumbag as far as I know
he covers way more than just erotic photography

If yall want to talk about what artist you guys enjoy… I feel like theres a ton of great 21st century artist out there that, I wouldn’t have found out about any of these people on here hadn’t it been for instagram and my art instructors


I’d have to say Matthew Barney. just untouchable, really.


JR Slattum has so many eye-pleasing, mythical pieces, which altogether create their own world or universe and makes one wonder both what else could be out there externally and what’s going on internally.

(jrslattum.com, @jrslattum.com)


don’t mind a bit of barbara kruger myself


Really into Gianni Caravaggio atmimage

Really hope I can see his work irl soon


You’ve got excellent taste my guy, would love to learn more about some of this stuff.

As for me, I’d have to give a shout to Wolfgang Tillmans

I’d really love to have a copy of one of his remain posters, especially with that slogan. The campaign failed, but the sentiment is still valid.


Thanks for introducing me to some of these artists @dreamlife_trinity, i especially like the works you’ve shared of Alejandro Acosta and Daido Moriyama!

One of my favourites at the moment is David Rappeneau. I find his style and way of foreshortening and distorting the proportions to be incredibly enthralling. I also really enjoy the subject matter, though it is a bit “tumblr-esque”. you can find his instagram here

Another artist I really enjoy is this Korean artist called Hongmin Lee, or freezm1 on instagram which is where I discovered him.
His works are so surreal and expressive, I wish I could see them in real life…
It would be incredibly cool if he somehow animated his work into a film or something, as the paintings are already filled with such motion and energy.


I enjoy those David Rappeneau ones quite alot
Super stylized way of doing paintings. I dont mind that theyre tumblr ish
Never really been my crowd but I can see how they could be annoying to someone
The shadow techniques and style remind me alot of aeon flux


Lost track of so many since I stopped looking at Instagram!

CANADA has a lot of great artists. I like Katherine Bradford, especially the swimming ones:

I remember Michael Williams had some great paintings there, although he’s at a different gallery now:

Used to really like SWOON, although it seemed she was mainly doing activism things these days: