Excellent Commercial Music / Sound Design


Hi All,

I am finding commercial music interesting more and more lately.
I will post some of my favourite examples here for a start.
It will be very interesting to hear your favourites of such.

Thank you.


might be worth checking out this Yasuaki Shimizu album from the 80s

“TV commercials in the late 70s and 80s didn’t advertise the practical features of products, they were meant to build strategic corporate images,” recalls Shimizu. “You might even say they took a musical approach in their visual expression, though perhaps that’s an overstatement. Being restricted to a time span of a minute or less made it ideal work for refining my intuitive powers. I made a conscious choice not to remix the tracks for this album. The final version of the original recordings appear here untouched, although I do remember working to link the individual tunes, and on the overall mood.”


This trailer is pretty dope: https://vimeo.com/270229028


That one’s a Forest Swords track


Abhhh thank you for putting me on!