EBM // Post-Punk // Darkwave // Industrial


Could not find a thread for these music categories, so thought I would create one!

Feel free to share mixes, production or just tracks which fit:
Dark Disco
Post Punk
New Wave
Synth Pop
Dark Wave

I will also use this thread post episodes from my own radio show Disco for the Damned:


Initially Disco for the Damned was supposed to be a club night which I had planned to launch some time ago in early 2020, however Covid-19 had other plans. Fortunately I have been able to put this show together with the help of https://belowground.fm/ - Sadly living in Hong Kong, bars and nightclubs are STILL closed, group gatherings are illegal and international travel to the city is almost impossible as we still have a two week quarantine for anybody flying in.

And so here I am looking to the internet to find ways to grow the show and possibly network with other musically likeminded individuals!

Each episode is broadcasted live at 2PM Hong Kong time on the last Saturday of each month, and I will usually upload the recording to my DFTD playlist on soundcloud a week after.

If you produce music or are a DJ who organises events which fit these musical categories/ genres and are interested in being on the show, feel free to introduce yourself!


Love all those types of music, especially in the 90’s in the club scene which is how i grew up with them.

These are our sets for post-punk + new wave, synthpop, and industrial which should cover all those subgneres in terms of the essential artists, releases, songs, yada yada.

For my own prior lists to those I have those all bookmarked here along with some playlists. Wish you luck on your show!!


great stuff will check it out. it seems, however, that this music ain’t too popular on this forum haha.

do you know of any other decent places online for sharing EBM/ Post-Punk?