East Man // Prole Art Threat (Planet Mu)


East Man drops total fire. Get on it


pretty good! the mixing is quite harsh thought. vocals need some tweaking and levels a tad messed. feels a bit amateur to me


Nah m8, it’s raw innit.


it is what it is. u can call it raw :man_shrugging:


So good! there isn’t an East Man release that I haven’t liked. That 2002 Grime/Sublow aesthetic still has mileage

edit: cover photo is so amazing too


Totally! He’s breathed some fresh life into the sound I reckon. Everything he does is ace tbh. His Basic Rhythm stuff is top notch as well. He did some noisey experimentalish stuff under the name Imaginary Forces which is pretty cool too if yer into that sorta stuff. Hasn’t used that name for a while, but did a cracking little mixtape for Halcyon Veil which I recommend.