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Babe Roots feat. IXM ‘Dub Sessions 1’

Limited 7″ press – dubwise from the depths –

The Sardinian ROHS! imprint based in Berlin, has cut two killer dubs from the depths of Babe Roots studio, served up in DIY style and fashion on a very limited vinyl-only run.

First up, is the Rhythm & Sound inspired ‘Jah Nuh Dub’ trodding in the lower regions of the sonic spectrum, submerged in bassline and distilled dubwise etiquette, with the filtered chords sprawling across the underbelly in the slow envelope of bass and drum, meditatively.

On the other side, is the real gem (if you ask us) – ‘Bless Dub’ is a monstrously deep version of The Revolutionaries classic ‘Kunta Kinte’.
This rhythm has been versioned a lot already, but Babe Roots interpretation is justified in it’s sense for deep soundsystem aesthetic, with a much more introspective yet equally uplifting edge… This one could also make some pretty serious vibrations on a big speaker – Beware.


@BlessRoots ///—> Bless Dub sounds luscious - bagged a copy off BC :ear: :point_up:

greetz !1 from the upstate NY gang holla


Return of the Super Ape-era Upsetters is the ultimate in dub for me.

And of course, anything by Scientist!


Every hour on the hour


really into this slower dub-influenced techno ATM, whatever it is it’s great - any recommendations would be greatly appreciated - big fan of equiknoxx and golden teacher as well


Another Classic!


Very nice Dub from Bialystok, Poland!


Hell yea, sounds tite.


love just about everything this guy does. new album no exception…


Deadbeat is the master! i love all his works!


strong record that streetboxxer


anybody else used to go dub vendor in clapham/soho? miss that place…


Love this DIY mash-up of a HUGE classic



also really into this at the mo, anyone got anymore straight up reggae to recommend?



Dub techno leaves me cold, generally.
Feeling this though



If you haven’t heard these two albums by Roger Robinson yet check them out:

Amazing music!