DUALPOWER // Secret Location // London 25/05/19


Hi all it’s NKC.

Even the Strong and Super Kitchen are doing a collab event in an offgrid spot in London (E5 - Clapton area) this weekend - Saturday 25th May.

The project is called DUALPOWER. We’re working together on this as labels, pooling resources and energy and all that, in light of things getting tuffer out there and us wanting to work towards creating a cooperating network of smaller hard drum friendly and/or future-looking labels/collectives. We’ve started out with a party, the first was in February, this is the second, but there will be more collab projects to come, involving other artists, labels, groups etc.

The place we’re doing it in has a pretty lawless rave vibe, even if you’ve been living in London a while you probably won’t have come across it before. To find out the address and details you’ll need to sign up at www.ddual.pw - it will be emailed to you on the night.

The lineup is being announced this week, so far it is:


(will update here as we announce)

£10 entry on the door, no advance tix. Bar inside run by the venue hosts.
DUALPOWER custom lights strobing in the cavern from midnight until 6am or later.


Last one was wild, not one to be missed if ur in London!


Nice one chaps, was a great night.


Looks wicked mate!

Last one was really fun


the one you played was ETS, unless you were at the last DUALPOWER in feb and i didn’t notice?? next one of these is coming up soon tho.


thanks to everyone who came through - were at least a couple people there from this forum

was a sick one and i absolutely love that venue. will post again for the next