Drake // Scorpion (Young Money / Cash Money Records)



ZzZZzzzZ…Drake is a such a muppet. next…


I like it more than both Kanye projects released this year tbh. It’s Drake at his Drake-est


Almost done Disc 1, I’m actually liking it so far. Which isn’t a big surprise to me because I thought that More Life mixtape was pretty great and Views was okay bar some filler.


Yep, and i’m totally into it for that reason. Way more than I expected to be.

‘How You Feel’ is the best ‘Take Care’ song since ‘Take Care’
writing a song like ‘Ratchet Happy Birthday’ is such a hilariously cynical move and will no doubt make him an absolute fortune
(great beat too)


You can tell Party helped write Ratchet Happy Birthday from that Brrrrr line. It’s a song that if anyone else made I would hate but strangely I love it


I personally like it. Its better than Views imo


I think it’s just awful. Worst than Ye and only slightly better than The Carters.

Drake at his dullest and most self-indulgent. I actually liked him as a cultural tourist bringing various shades of black music together on More Life, this just lacks songs to me. He should have had the whole thing sounding like Nice for What.

A lot of rot at the top of the rap food chain that needs to be culled.


Thought the album was meh…


took me like 3 months just to work myself up to listening to this and once I did I was bored within two tracks. Drake is washed